Jun 1st 2017


As our clients’ needs have evolved throughout the years, we too have evolved to continue to serve you best. Talent Consortium HR experts have developed a suite of tools to help you manage your greatest asset, your people. Whether it’s managing turnover, scheduling employee workloads or engaging your employees, we have the tools and expertise to help people succeed and help organisations perform.

The Center of You

You have spent hours on your resume. You are on LinkedIn. You care about your career. But what are you best at? What are your intangibles? Why should people hire you over the next person with a similar profile? What do people say about you? What will you contribute?



Career Direction

By taking a talent-based approach to your career direction , you keep yourself heading toward the right career even when the actual direction shifts over time.



The Cost to Recruit

The the average cost to recruit and train one employee estimated at 2.5 times an employee’s salary. But it’s not just $.