Jun 1st 2017

Talent Dynamics

Talent Dynamics is a comprehensive and innovative development tool that can :

  • identify your individual talents
  • assist you to align to your talents and strengths
  • increase  your individual productivity
  • enhance your effectiveness.

Different people have different paths to find their “flow”:

Put simply, Flow is the path of least resistance. When individuals are in Flow, productivity increases, results improve dramatically, you have more fun and feel more connected.

The Talent Dynamics Profile test assesses an individual’s personality, strengths, productivity, values and behaviour in order to determine which roles will enable them to stay in Flow and why. Getting a profile can help you find your value and show you how to unleash the “gift” that is your value.

Key ideas within this process are the development of identity, responsibility, trust and sustainability. Each of these are measurable and controllable elements .

Take the Talent Dynamics Profile Test

The Talent Dynamics profile is taken online (taking around15-2o mins). After the profile test an in-depth follow-up written report on your personal Talent Dynamics profile strengths report (right) will be emailed to you.

What’s in your Profile Report?

  • Your Talent Dynamics profile: this shows you the most natural activities you should focus on to stay in flow.
  • Role models who share your profile: which famous role models you could study and learn from.
  • Your strengths and challenges: what gets you into your flow, what are distractions and what are opportunities.
  • How to create value using your profile: how to channel your strengths in a way that the world responds to favourably.
  • Talent Frequency breakdown: you can see your balance of energy and understand why you do what you do.
  • The value you need to own: how to take even small amounts of value and get it into the hands of many.

Profile Cost: $75 AUD